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Tribute To Adam Schlesinger: A Music Celebration

It's been over two months since the live-stream broadcast of the tribute to Adam Schlesinger, that celebrated the life and music of this great artist who passed away in the spring of 2020. The tribute was touching and a wonderful compilation from friends, musicians and comedians who had a common bond and connection with Adam. Many of the contributions were video recordings of the musicians performing songs that Adam wrote either as a member of Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, Tinted Windows or music for soundtracks for film and TV. The performances were varied, some opting for a slicker edited "music video" style, some more casual in their home, recording studio, backyard, on the street and on a soundstage with Jody Porter's band supporting solo performances. Between segments, quotes from classic musicians were shown (Ray Davies, Brian Wilson), while other musicians/comedians spoke about Adam (Mickey Dolenz, Drew Carey, Sarah Silverman, Jody Porter, Eszter Balint). There were many highlights including Butch Walker's, wonderful performance of Guitar Center, an unreleased Adam song, a re-united Tinted Windows and both versions of That Thing You Do by Mike Viola (and band) and Bambi Kino.
Mike Viola

Jody Porter & The Berlin Wall

Sean Ono Lennon

Minus 5 (Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck)

Nicole Atkins

Butch Walker
I hesitated posting this broadcast since it was a paid show and in case the video and/or music would be officially released somewhere. I didn't record the video and I recorded the audio directly from the video feed. I separated the tracks and wrote up the setlist program, so if there are errors, please let me know and I'll correct them. To be honest, listening to the program is just as much or more enjoyable than the video, it's a good listen. If you want to watch the videos from the show, some have appeared on YouTube, search the individual artists or "Adam Schlesinger tribute" (I linked some with the photos), I've watched a lot of them already.

Rachel Bloom w/ Jack Dolgen

Ben Kweller

Bretta Phillips w/Dean Wareham

Tinted Windows

Justin Courtney w/ Geoff Sanoff (Fred Armisen on drums)

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Tribute to Adam Schlesinger: A Music Celebration (2021)
Various artists
May 5, 2021

01. Intro/Fountains Of Wayne- Survival Car
02. Fountains Of Wayne- Richie And Ruben
03. Jody Porter
04. Jody Porter & The Berlin Waltz- Sink To The Bottom
05. Courtney Love- Hey Julie
06. Mike Viola- That Thing You Do
07. Ben Lee- Hackensack
08. Sean Lennon- Fire Island
09. Minus 5- I'll Say It
10. John Gallagher Jr.- Summer Place
11. Mickey Dolenz
12. Nicole Atkins- Laser Show
13. Michelle Branch w/Patrick Carney- It's The Best Thing
14. Chris Carrabba- Mexican Wine
15. Drew Carey
16. Butch Walker- Guitar Center
17. John Brodeur- Bright Future In Sales
18. Robert Schwartzman- Everything's Ruined
19. CJ Vanston w/Harry Shearer
20. Kelly Buchanan- I Hate To See You Like This
21. Jody Porter
22. Peter Himmelman- All Kinds Of Time
23. Rachel Bloom w/Jack Dolgen- Settle For Me
24. Eddie Baranek- I Was There
25. Fountains Of Wayne- Better Things
26. Diane Gentile- I-95
27. Ben Kweller- Denise
28. Joe McGinty- Utopia Parkway
29. Bretta Phillips w/Dean Wareham- Never Do That Again
30. Matthew Caws- Back In Our Town
31. Jody Porter intro/Eszter Balint- Traffic & Weather
32. The Still Out- Sick Day
33. Tinted Windows- Back with You
34. Sarah Silverman
35. Justin Courtney w/ Geoff Sanoff (Fred Armisen on drums)- It Must Be Summer
36. Jesse Malin- Hey Julie
37. Glenn Tilbrook- Hackensack
38. Bambi Kino- That Thing You Do
39. Jody Porter & The Berlin Wall- Little Red Light

Tracks 10, 17, 20, 26, 31, 36- backed by the Berlin Wall


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thanks, a special one for in peace

heartsofstone said...

Thank you so much for posting this - and all you do for all of us.

Seattleite said...

Thanks a million for this post!!!

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From the Netherlands I thank you very much for capturing and posting this tribute to a scandalous underrated musician (over here anyway).

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