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Jayhawks- Live At Palace Theatre, St. Paul, MN, December 16, 2023


As promised, here's the rest of the Palace Theatre show with the headliners, the Jayhawks. Though this wasn't necessarily a "Christmas" concert, the on-stage set had a festive look to it. The band is tight and play a typical Jayhawks set with the usual crowd favourites and closed with the Golden Smog "cover", Until You Came Along, bringing back Dan Murphy and Steve Gorman from the Smog and Gary's wife for a festive sing-a-long. Though they didn't play Father Christmas, Run Rudolf Run or 2000 Miles, like they did last year, but they did include a couple Christmas songs, the Kitty Wells cover, Christmas Ain't Like Christmas Anymore and the Band's, Christmas Might Be Tonight. The sound is exceptional and the Jayhawks, as usual put on a great show. Get this while you can, highly recommended!

p.s.: For those asking, I'll try to re-seed previous shows that aren't working (downloading), specifically the Golden Smog show from 1992. Leave your other requests in the comments section. Thanks for your patience!

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use.
If you ever have an opportunity to see the band live, see them! If you like the band, support them and buy a CD or LP.

Palace Theatre
St. Paul, MN
December 16, 2023

SBD>Livestream master
laptop> Tascam DR-07> 16 bit wav> tracksplitter> FLAC> rar

01. Jesus Christ
02. The Man Who Loved Life
03. Angelyne
04. Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces
05. Nothing Left To Borrow
06. Bitter Pill
07. Christmas Ain't Like Christmas Anymore
08. Save It For A Rainy Day
09. Tampa To Tulsa
10. Leaving The Monsters Behind
11. Waiting For The Sun
12. Sixteen Down
13. Settled Down Like Rain
14. River
15. This Forgotten Town
16. Smile
17. Kingston Girl
18. Christmas Might Be Tonight
19. All The Right Reasons
20. Dogtown Days
21. Trouble
22. I'd Run Away
23. Blue
24. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
25. Tailspin
26. Until You Came Along
Gary Louris- vocals, guitar
Karen Grotberg- vocals, keyboards
Marc Perlman- bass
Tim O'Reagon- vocals, drums
Kraig Johnson- guitar


MrDave said...

Thank you! Sounds like a great show

Dave G said...

this is awesome! Thanks for the share!


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