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Husker Du- Live From The Ritz, October 17, 1987

Note: Greg and Bob do NOT play left-handed. The photo is reversed...duh!

 I admit it, I still play CD's. Though I tend to stream music throughout the day when I'm working, I occasionally slip in a silver disc especially when driving or if I'm in the mood for something that's not available on the streaming app. I've started to buy CD's again too, though truthfully I didn't really stop, because nowadays you can get some super cheap deals on used CD's (obsolete? Ha!), but again it's usually something I can't stream or it's nice to own. One downfall is that in the city I live in, potholes are so plentiful and annoying, so car CD skipping is at an all time high. Anyways, I was listening to Husker Du's, The Living End, a live compilation from their final tour that was released shortly after they disbanded. It's a good documentation of their live show with a career spanning song list that will satisfy most Du fans, but I prefer a complete live concert recording, preferably from the same show. I remembered one of their shows I downloaded, it mentioned in the notes this show (see below) was considered for a live posthumous album.
Notes from the original post:
The story behind this tape is that it was that Grant Hart compiled this tape (full soundboard tape + audience encore) and wanted Warner Brothers to release this as a posthumous live album.  The label didn't like that it wasn't complete, so the band went back and compiled live tracks from the fall 1987 tour.  I got this tape from someone in the music industry who said it was 2nd gen.  Assuming it was Grant's master tape > tape compiled for WB > copy for me. 
The Ritz recording was a good sounding soundboard and the setlist is stellar, so I would highly recommend it. The vocals are a little low in the mix and it's a bit too bass heavy for the first few tracks, but it gets better as it goes on. Unfortunately, the last two songs are from an audience recording, but it sounds fine. This recording has been kicking around for years as a bootleg and I don't think it's been officially released, though track 23 (Keep Holding On) is not including in this file because this version was included on The Living End (I have the CD, so I rip the song if you're a completest). To be honest the sound quality on, The Living End isn't perfect either, it suffers from"larger room sound boom" on some tracks and doesn't have the continuity flow as a single show, but if you can find a copy of the CD, buy it.
Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use.
Please share!

The Ritz
New York City, NY
October 17, 1987 

Lineage: Soundboard Master > 2nd gen tape > Tascam 202MKVII USB out > CDWAV > Audacity (normalization, fades, merges) > CDWAV (splits) > DBPowerAmp (FLAC) [loughney xfer]
*audience recording

1 New Day Rising     
2 The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill  
3 Standing In The Rain    
4 Back From Somewhere    
5 Ice Cold Ice     
6 It's Not Funny Any More    
7 From The Gut     
8 Target      
9 Everytime     
10 She Floated Away   
11 Find Me      
12 Books About UFOs    
13 Chartered Trips   
14 Diane      
15 Hardly Getting Over It    
16 Dead Set On Destruction    
17 Eiffel Tower High    
18 Green Eyes     
19 Divide And Conquer    
20 Actual Condition    
21 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker    
22 Makes No Sense At All   
23 Keep Hanging On [The Living End]
24 Pink Turns To Blue*
25 In A Free Land*

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