Wednesday, November 01, 2006

EZ? Archive!

If you are having any trouble accessing any of my mp3 files, don't panic! My storage file archive (where I keep the song files I post), EZArchive is in the process of switching to the new and improved(?) 3.0 system. I'm not totally sure what this will mean, but it suppose to mean it will be easier and quicker from my stand point. I've read on other blogs they are experiencing some trouble, but hopefully it is only temporary because they are in transition. I have just completed my file transfers to the new system, so I tried to upload some songs to post, but it was taking forever to connect with their server, so I'll wait a day or two. I clicked on one of my mp3's from the NP show and it seemed to play fine, so please have patience and I'll post as much as I can in these busy upcoming months. On that subject, has anyone listened to any of the music I've posted? Just curious, I'd like to post complete concerts, but again it takes a lifetime to upload and I, for some weird reason, prefer the early morning (after midnight) to write these blogs.

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