Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sitting On My Hard Drive

Two CD's that have been taking up space on my hard drive and the Nano for the past month; the sophomore release by the Magic Numbers and the highly anticipated disc by the Shins.

Magic Numbers - Those the Brokes (2006)
This disc was officially released at the beginning of November, but I had the pleasure of finding an advance copy at least a month before. I must admit, the first listen didn't immediate impress me compared to the first time I heard their debut. The first album was so different from what I was listening to at the time, a fresh, crisp poppy saccharine delight, almost a guilty pleasure of boy/girl vocals that kind of recalled the Mamas and Papas (the M.N.'s are made up of 2 sets of brothers and sisters). After multiple listens (presently my most played), something finally clicked, this is a great disc! A slightly more lush, full sound, it still has my toes a tapping 'n' bobbin' my head. I know this album won't make these folks indie gods yet, like the Shins, but this is will definitely grab some attention on this side of the Atlantic (they are from the UK).

Magic Numbers

This Is A Song mp3
Take A Chance mp3

The Shins - Wincing The Night Away (2007)
Like the Magic Numbers CD, I had an advance listen to the new Shin's disc which is actually due out January 23, 2007. You won't find this in stores for Christmas, but I can offer up a couple of downloads. I've been listening to this one quite a lot as well, but I still haven't been completely satisfied. Their sound has a much more "grown up" feel to it, perhaps because they veer off to try different styles, and experiment more with strings and synth. I'm not sure how I would rank this release to their two previous discs, which I would consider Indie classics, Wincing..will be an attempt to grab some mainstream attention and I'm sure many of their songs will make it onto soundtracks in the very near future. Everytime I listen to this I find a little bit more to like, they have an infectious sound that you can't avoid, it's pretty safe to say, the future is very bright for the Shins.

The Shins
Australia mp3
Phantom Limb mp3
Girl Sailor mp3

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