Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cub- Mauler

As the text on the bottom of album cover suggests, this is a collection of oddities that was released after the band split in 1996. Cub only released 3 full length albums, but along the way, they also recorded and released a fair share of 7' singles and appeared on many compilations. What we have here is a collection of some of those singles and comp tracks, but unfortunately instead of including all their rarities, this CD includes tracks already available on those 3 proper albums. There are some real gems on here and interesting covers and in some ways it's their most complete and full sounding collection of songs.

I will always have a place in my heart for bands like Cub. Their "cuddle core" sound is undeniable fun and infectious and they play a melodic jangly style of music that is on the surface so simple and unadulterated, yet they could also fuzz it up garage-style when they got too sweet. Considering the band members had no prior musical experience, with each album's release the band's sound matured and it was obvious their musicianship improved as well.

CUB was Lisa Marr (vocals, bass), Robynn Iwata (guitar)and Lisa G. (drums) Original drummer, Valeria Fellini played only on their first album. Neko Case also played drums on some of their early recordings and for you Neko trivia buffs, she sang in front of a live audience for the first time ever when she was with Cub when they performed in Ohio (the song was Cub's, So Far Apart). If you're not familiar with Cub, check out their 3 full length CD's (Betti-Cola, Come Out Come Out and Box Of Hair) or better yet seek out their 45's...if you can find them.

Mauler (1997)

1. you know he did
2. nicolas bragg
3. day i said goodbye
4. she's like a rainbow
5. exit
6. pregnant
7. my flaming red bobsled
8. pillow queen
9. green eyes
10. freaky
11. fb song
12. secret nothing
13. go fish
14. new york city
15. runaway
16. my chinchilla

CUB- Mauler. rar

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