Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Riff Randells- Doublecross

As you may have noticed I'm a huge fan of girl-pop/punk bands. I love girl vocals set in front of fast guitar driven rock with no pretentiousness and no concern with overproduced vocals and overdubs. I like the music pure and simple, straight from the heart.

Vancouver has produced many fine all-girl bands such as Cub, Maow, Vancougar and The Riff Randells. The Riff Randells formed in 1999 and they built a strong following touring frequently around Canada and the States as well as tours through Europe and Japan. Their infectious lo-fi pop punk sound is not unlike early Donnas, Nikki And The Corvettes and the Ramones. Their band name is named after the character in the film, Rock 'n' Roll High School, who is the Ramones biggest fan in her high school. A crazy, strange movie, see it if you can, especially if you're a fan of the Ramones...a cult classic!

I'm not certain, but I think Doublecross is the last album the Riff Randells have released and I'm not sure if the band is actually still active. They have previous releases on 7" and 10" vinyl and a couple of CD-EP's that might be hard to find. Some great classic three-chord rock that's catchy as hell and a lot of fun!...Get it while you can!

Doublecross (2007)

1. Traitor Of The Heart
2. When He Looks At Me
3. Listen Up
4. Parker Place
5. All I Know
6. The Only One
7. When You Go
8. Nothing Without Me
9. Double Cross
10. Bandana
11. Gotta Move On

RIFF RANDELLS- Doublecross. rar

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Dana said...

Fantastic stuff. So glad you introduced me to these girls and Candy Hearts.

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