Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TDIT Is Back!! Beat Farmers At The Roxy, 1984

It's hard to believe I haven't written a new post in over four months, it's crazy how time flies! I don't really have a legitimate excuse, I haven't been ill, I didn't vacation anywhere warm for the past four months, nor was I physically unable to type on a keyboard. Though it's not really an excuse, I blame the winter blues! Up northward where I live we've suffered one of the harshest, coldest and largest amounts of snowfall in recent memory. On top of that, hundreds of houses are without running water and thousands (including myself) have to run their water tap continuously 24/7 until as late as mid-June to prevent frozen pipes. I Haven't really felt like going out much (actually didn't see a concert in 2013!!) and I've spent the past months nightly glued to the TV watching NHL hockey and the Olympics, though there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Enough with the excuses! Recently I have resumed uploading some live concerts and my goal is transfer some favourite shows I have on tape in attempt to save them to HD, as well as post on the blog. I promise I'll keep this blog more updated and I'm psyched to share some interesting recordings I've downloaded, received in trades and concerts I recorded.

To kick off my first post of 2014, I have a request for more Beat Farmers (thanks Kurt!). This is an early show, before the release of their first album, Tales Of The New West (in my opinion, their best) recorded almost 30 years ago with the original lineup that included Buddy Blue. A great sounding audience recording that accurately captures the blistering live show that the BF's were known for. Wonderful!

Los Angeles, CA
June 20, 1984


01. Reason To Believe
02. Lost Weekend
03. Buy Me A Car
04. Glad n Greasy
05. Ain't Your Business
06. Happy Boy
07. Big Ugly Wheels
08. Sperm Dog
09. Selfish Heart
10. There She Goes Again
11. Bigger Stones
12. Goldmine
13. Lonesome Hound
14. I Still Miss Someone
15. Beat Generation
16. California Kid
17. Mondo

BEAT FARMERS- 1984-06-20 Roxy, Los Angeles, CA FLAC. rar


Kurtelvis said...

Thanks and keep them coming.


Oxy said...

Nice to see you posting again, especially with a Beat Farmer's show, I'm pretty sure I don't have. What an unexpected treat this is! Thank you very much!

p.s. I stop by on a fairly regular basis to see if any more Squirrels have been posted... ;-)

bglobe313 said...

Welcome back. Just thought I'd check for any more Scruffy The Cat stuff and pleased to see you are back posting.

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