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The Disciplines- Live In Sweden 2009

Ken Stringfellow has been a member of so many bands and projects it's hard to keep track of all his musical contributions be it as a singer, songwriter, musician, arranger and producer. According to Wikipedia, Stringfellow's discography includes more than 200 albums, as he continues to stay busy with the Posies and the various side-projects he's been a part of. His original claim to "fame" would be as co-founder of the Posies with Jon Auer. He and Auer were also members of the re-formed Big Star in the 90's and 2000's with Alex Chilton and drummer, Jody Stephens, until Chilton's death in 2010. Stringfellow probably played in front of his largest audiences as a touring/recording member of R.E.M. in the late 90's to the mid-2000's. I'm guessing his association with R.E.M. began when he was member of the Minus 5 with Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey (who was joined R.E.M.). I've previously posted a great album by the Orange Humble Band, Assorted Creams which featured Stringfellow as their lead singer. I think it's still downloadable, so if you haven't heard it, I highly recommend a listen, it's a power-pop classic.

In 2007, Stringfellow formed the Disciplines with members of the Norwegian band, Briskeby and he was the lead singer. Their music is a raw, melodic, powerful garage rock that sounds fantastic live. I fluked into purchasing their first album, Smoking Kills while record shopping in Philadelphia in 2009 and I was instantly blown away. They released a second album, Virgins of Menace (which I have not seen or heard) as they were active from 2007-2011 with the two albums and tours of Europe and North America.

I hadn't thought of the Disciplines for while until I read this message recently on the Posies website:

“Hello from Ken!
Recently my band THE DiSCiPLiNES has found themselves in a trademark dispute with another artist… we need to register our name as a trademark (read: hire a team of lawyer$) to resolve this situation and we have launched a GoFundMe to help raise $$ for our legal fund. Could really use your help — this is not only about The D’s music, which could virtually disappear if we don’t successfully navigate the dispute, but also my own ability to make music as an independent musician is highly impacted by these legal costs–right at a time when I’m devoting my energies to working exclusively on the Posies new album for 2020. Any and all help appreciated!

Thank you,


As of this writing, the campaign is over halfway to it's goal of $5,000. So if you want to contribute to help support the Disciplines legal fund, head over to GoFundMe and pledge what you can. Even if you haven't heard the Disciplines music before or aren't yet a fan, please support Ken for all the great music he has shared as a solo performer, with his bands and other music projects he's been a part of. To help entice you, I'm posting an incredible sounding live show from the Disciplines from their mini tour of Sweden in 2009. A small venue with Stringfellow rocking out hard, you can almost feel the sweat flying...yeah, it was probably amazing!

Please do NOT sell!
Please share!
Do not convert to lossy, except for personal use.

Raw Bar, 

Eskilstuna, Sweden
11 September 2009

Taped & edited by raya
Lineage: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-6 > Edirol R09 (WAV 24 bit / 44.1 KHz) > wav > Audacity (fades, track splits, edits) > TLH (fix SBEs, Flac level 5)

01 Yours for the taking
02 Falling knives
03 Complicated times
04 Best mistake
05 Wrong lane
06 Get it right
07 Some kind of sickness
08 Gonna get worse
09 For you I walked over the line
10 [pointless shit]
11 I got tired
12 One *)
13 Fate's a strong bitch
14 There's a law
15 Hurricane
16 Cause or FX

Bonus track:
17 Virgins of menace
Lilla Hotellbaren @ Scandic Malmen, Stockholm, Sweden, 12 September 2009

*) Ken playing guitar

The Disciplines are:
Ken Stringfellow, vocals
Bjørn Bergene, guitar
Bård Helgeland, bass
Ralla Vilnes, drums

DISCIPLINES- 2009-09-11 Eskilstuna FLAC. rar

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