Monday, November 25, 2019

Art Bergmann- Live on Granville Island: Day 7

Art Bergmann by James O'Mara (1990)
One of the joys of running this music blog is actually knowing someone out there is reading the blog and hopefully share a similar taste in music. Another joy would be money and income, but that was never a goal or reason to start this site. In an offbeat way I compare it to when I volunteered coaching hockey (many, many years ago!), where you weren't paid to do it, in fact it cost more money than I could afford, but it was rewarding because I loved it and I learned even more about the sport and the people involved. This blog is an opportunity to share music you might not otherwise discover while relying on commercial radio and mainstream media. Because I love it so much, I constantly listen to live concert recordings, music new and old and of course, records I buy on impulse at record shops.

I welcome emails with your questions and suggestions, and though sometimes I'm not very helpful, I am encouraged by your input. I recently received an email from a reader (Rick) with a live recording from Vancouver's, Art Bergmann he recorded off the radio and recently converted to mp3 from cassette. I must admit I haven't thought about Art Bergmann for a while, probably in the mid-90's, but I was a big fan of his first three solo albums and his previous bands which include, Young Canadians (previously know as the K-Tels), a great band I posted about previously (No Escape). Art was a key figure in the late 70's Canadian punk scene and his solo material had that "heart on your sleeve" feel to it. Though Art enjoyed modest commercial success in the late 80's/early 90's, he never quite got his due or reached that pinnacle of success he deserved. Art has been active recording albums and playing the odd show. He took a break through most of the 2000's due to health issues, but more recently in 2016 he released an album with new material, The Apostate. Right now, he's working on his latest album due for release on his new label home, Porterhouse Records in 2020. The album, Late Stage Empire Dementia is seeking funds to help cover the recording and mastering process with the goal to provide digital downloads of the album. You can help out by donating to the Gofundme fundraiser for Art Bergmann's new album.

 The Art Bergmann show Rick sent me (he says he was at the show too!) is from 1994 (or 1993?) recorded at the Arts Theatre Backstage Lounge on Granville Island in Vancouver. It is a live radio broadcast for the station's, 101 Unplugged Series, this is not an unplugged concert! Art has a full electric band, but the cover charge for the show was $1.01...get it? The onstage radio host interrupts a few times, but it doesn't take away from the energy and intensity of the band on stage. This is a smoking hot show, the sound quality is excellent and Bergmann is a little snarly, but goes with the flow as they run through several songs from their then-upcoming album, What Fresh Hell Is This?, released at least a year later. After listening to the show I regret not seeing him live back in the 90's (I'm positive he toured through here) and wouldn't turn down an opportunity to see him now. Thanks again to Rick for the show, fine choice.

  • This recording is in mp3 format 
  • Please do NOT sell!
  • Yes, share!

Arts Theatre Backstage Lounge
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC

CFMI-FM Vancouver Broadcast

FM> cassette master> mp3> Direct WAV splitter> rar

01. My Empty House
02. Sexual Roulette
03. Bar Of Pain
04. American Wife
05. Guns And Heroin
06. Ruin My Life
07. Dive
08. Message From Paul
09. Contract
10. Beatles In Hollywood

ART BERGMANN- Arts Theatre Backstage Lounge, Vancouver, BC mp3. rar


art bergmann said...

hey doggie,art b here...that was a finely recorded show some songs of which were on a promo cd released by sony to promote "fresh hell".ANYWAY I don't know what I'm sayin',for my fan club.over and out.Art

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I am a huge fan of Highway 61's Otto. Have all the albums, but this live entry is an excellent addition.

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