Friday, January 20, 2023

Soul Asylum- Rock for Karl Benefit 2004!!

We've come to the final set from the Rock For Karl Benefit concert from 2004, that helped support Soul Asylum's co-founding member, bass player, Karl Mueller. Money raised went towards medical bills for Mueller's cancer treatment that he ultimately succumbed to on June 17, 2005, only 8 months after this concert. I'm not sure if Soul Asylum closed out the evening, but I thought it would be appropriate to post this set last, since it turned out to be Mueller's final live show with the band. A touching moment for all in attendance, including the bands that offered their talents to this evening, when Karl took the mic (track 14) to offer his thank you's to everyone that came to the show. This is the only time these bands have shared the stage together. I've seen Soul Asylum only a couple of times, the last time in Grand Forks in 2002, but it's not the same band without Mueller and Dan Murphy (who left the band in 2012) and I'm not sure if I'll see them again, making this show that much more special. The band continues on with Dave Pirner as the only remaining original member.

A Rock For Karl v. 2.0: Kill Kancer fundraising concert was held in tribute of Mueller on the seventh anniversary of his death in 2012. His widow, Mary Beth organized the event with performances from Golden Smog, Curtiss A's Dark Click and the Magnolias.

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Quest Club
Minneapolis, MN
October 21, 2004
Rock For Karl Benefit

Audience recording

01. Intro
02. Oxygen
03. Be On My Side
04. Standing Water
05. Black Gold
06. Lately
07. Success Is Not So Sweet
08. Closer To The Stars
09. <introductions>
10. Debris
11. Cruel Intentions
12. <thank yous>
13. Somebody To Shove
14. <Karl talks>

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