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B.T.W.F.- Billy Bragg (Riff Raff)

In my ongoing series, Before They Was Famous, this week we take at look at the early career of Billy Bragg. Billy was in town on the weekend shopping for hockey bits, getting honoured by the Winnipeg Folk Festival and performing a concert at the Burton Cummings Theatre on November 28th. If you've never been to a Billy Bragg show be prepared for almost as much talk as music. During one of Billy's long drawn-out stories about one of his Woody Guthrie co-written songs, Ingrid Bergmann, a fan shouted out, "play the song" which of course prompted Bragg to continue to talk even longer. A Billy Bragg show is music, as well as an outlet for Billy's outspoken political views and his fight for people that have suffered a mis-justice. His solo career has spanned from the early 80's right through until the present, as strong a voice as ever.

I was at the concert on Saturday, sitting third row centre (thanks Vicki!!) with a perfect view to go along with a good sound mix (it's not too hard with just voice and guitar). I recorded the show and I'll post a few highlights of the concert later in the week.

Long before Bragg's long and illustrious solo career, he formed a punk/pub rock band called, Riff Raff. They released a series of singles that got no attention whatsoever which prompted Bragg to take a hiatus from music and join the army. This only lasted a few months and Billy returned to music by busking around London, just him and his electric guitar.
Read more about Billy Bragg's career here.

The Singles 1977-1980
1. I Wanna Be a Cosmonaut
2. Romford Girls
3. What's The Latest
4. Sweet As Pie
5. Barking Park Lake
6. Richard
7. Fantocide
8. Every Girl
9. You Shaped House
10. She Don't Matter
11. New Home Town
12. Little Girls Know
13. Kitten

Download: Riff Raff- The Singles 1977-1980. rar

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