Friday, December 25, 2009

A Shiny Happy R.E.M. Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! After two straight nights of turkey, family and presents, I finally have time to post a new entry. To conclude my mini-Christmas tribute, I'm upping another rare recording, the R.E.M. Christmas record. This compilation is similar to the Beatles Christmas record because it compiles fan-club only 7" X-mas singles, these are from 1988-1996. These recording were special exclusive singles (A-side and B-side) that were sent out annually to reward their fan club members and are very limited (and rare) 7"ers with only 3,000-6,000 copies pressed. This compilation features Christmas carols, interesting covers, and originals.

Christmas Fan Club Singles (1988-1996)

1. Parade Of The Wooden Soldier (88a)
2. See No Evil (88b)
3. Good King Wenceslas (89a)
4. Academy Fight Song (89b)
5. Ghost Reindeer In The Sky (90a)
6. Summertime (90b)
7. Baby, Baby (91a)
8. Christmas Griping (91b)
9. Where’s Captain Kirk (92a)
10. Toyland (92b)
11. Silver Bells (93a)
12. Christmas Time Is Here (93b)
13. Sex Bomb (94a)
14. Christmas In Tunisia (94b)
15. Wicked Game (95a)
16. Java (95b)
17. Only In America (96a)
18. I Will Survive (96b)
19. Ghostriders In The Sky
20. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
21. Ghost Riders
22. Dark Globe
23. Ghost Riders In The Sky (live)
24. Funtime
(tracks 19-24 bonus discs? B-sides or from flexi's)
R.E.M.- Christmas Album. rar

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