Monday, December 21, 2009

A Very Merry Beatles Christmas!

The idea and concept of Christmas albums have been around for decades, the Jackson 5 made one, Elvis made some, same with the Ventures, Arcade Fire, the Chipmunks, Charlie Brown and even the Beatles. Well sort of... each year from 1963 to 1969, the Beatles recorded Christmas records for Beatles' fan club members only, in the UK and U.S. Each recording was released on a 7" flex-disc and they were composed of carols, skits, jokes and thank yous to their fans. These records were often disjointed and bizarre, and as the years went on, more elaborate in concept and comedy bits. Overall it was strange, odd, messy, Monty Python-ish, sometimes boring, but always entertaining, if you can follow what they're talking about half the time. Even Tiny Tim makes an annoying cameo in 1968's episode.

In 1970, the flexi's were compiled and sent out to U.S. fan club members as The Beatle's Christmas Album, which meant better sound quality than the flexi-disc's and reminded the fan's that the Beatles were in fact no more.

I've posted a version of the Beatle's Christmas Collection that includes some bonus outtakes as well as the complete 1963-69 Christmas messages. This is a must for any serious Beatle's fan and though it's not too Christmasy and it's sometimes quite weird, it's not nearly as weird as listening to the Bob Dylan try to sing carols.

Complete Christmas Collection 1963-69
01. Christmas Time Is Here Again (1967 outtake)
02. The Beatles Christmas Record (flexi 1963)
03. Another Beatles Christmas Record (flexi 1964)
04. The Beatles Third Christmas Record (flexi 1965)
05. The Beatles Fourth Christmas Record (flexi 1966)
06. Christmas Time Is Here Again (flexi 1967)
07. The Beatles 1968 Christmas Record (flexi 1968)
08. The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record (flexi 1969)
09. Christmas Message (1964 Outtake)

BEATLES- Christmas Collection 1963-1969. rar

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thanx Mate! MERRY XMAS!!

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