Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Breeders- Live In Stockholm

The cool thing about fan-club releases is that the content is usually exclusive to it's release and available only to fan-club members. They are CD's that definitely won't show up at your local Wal-Mart or mainstream music sellers, but can sometimes be found at indie record stores or online, so they are rare and usually hard to find.

Live In Stockholm is a live EP that showcases the Breeders at the height of their career with 8 songs from a concert in 1994 from Stockholm, Sweden. This is an excellent quality recording with the band offering up rawer versions of songs from the Last Splash era, but it's unfortunate it's not the complete concert. I'm pretty sure I have the complete concert somewhere in my stacks (I could be wrong), as I remember the banter when Kim Deal talks about making mudslides (drink). The Breeders have had kind of an up and down career, frustrating if you're a fan, but this CD is a must have for any Breeders fan.

Live In Stockholm (1994)
  1. Shocker in Gloomtown - 2:56 (Guided By Voices)
  2. New Year - 2:06
  3. Hellbound - 2:19
  4. Saints - 3:25
  5. I Just Want to Get Along - 2:19
  6. SOS - 1:30
  7. Roi - 2:34
  8. No Aloha - 2:56
THE BREEDERS- Live In Stockholm. rar

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