Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Faces- Ooh La La Sessions

I noticed a once famous band from my hometown has been in the news recently with a new release called, Oooh La La. The band in question is the Crash Test Dummies who were internationally big for a few years in the early 90's, with such hits as, Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm and the Superman Song. Then their commercial success sort of fizzled out, yet Brad Roberts kept pumping out crap through the 90's and 00's. I think they've just released their 8th album this month and for some reason it's getting attention back on this side of the border. The reason I mention all this (I definitely don't want to give them any publicity!), is because their album title (almost) steals it's name from a great album by the Faces. Okay, the CTD's added an extra "o" on Oooh, but it kills me that Brad Robert's might think he's clever to come up with that name on his own. Do not get confused and accidentially buy this album!

Ooh La La was the last album recorded by the Faces at a time when singer Rod Stewart was concentrating more on his solo career. The band acted more as Stewart's backing band during concerts, but even with the innumerable tensions in the band they still pulled it together to record a Face's album. Many consider Ooh La La a disappointment after it followed, A Nod Is As Good As A Wink... (their most successful), but others, like myself, find it their most satisfying listen. These sessions include outtakes, rehearsals and some live tracks featuring some solo Stewart and Ron Wood material performed by the band. Various versions of these sessions have been available, but the complete 20 track bootleg is a much harder find. The sound is crisp and the performances and these versions of the songs are a nice companion to the original release. Download these sessions and buy this album!

Ooh La La Sessions (Last Step)
01 My Fault
02 Flags & Banners
03 Ooh La La
04 Glad & Sorry
05 Silicone Grown
06 Cindy Incidentally
07 If I'm On The Late Side
08 Borstal Boys
09 Just Another Honky
10 Don't Forget To Tell Him
11 You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or An
12 Pool Hall Richard
13 I Can Feel the Fire
14 You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or An
15 You Wear It Well
16 Take A Look At The Guy
17 Jodie
18 I Wish It Would Rain
19 True Blue
20 The Stealer

FACES- Last Step pt. 1. rar
FACES- Last Step pt. 2. rar


Anonymous said...

I keep reading that Rod cut a vocal for the title track, but because he wasn't too into the tune, they ultimately decided to have Ron Wood do the lead vocal. Does this alleged vocal take by RS (that I see referenced everywhere) exist? I would be curious to hear an in-his-prime Rod Stewart singing this...

Jobe said...

Thanks for straightening out my mess. Nice Site

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