Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mary Lou Lord- Real

Here's kind of sequel to a post I wrote about Mary Lou Lord last month about her self-titled CD and this one concerns her first recording, Real, a cassette tape only release. I thought I would never come across a copy of the tape (I still actually haven't), but I have the next best thing, mp3's from the tape I found online at another music blog. Thanks to the poster for transferring the tape to digital and I hope you don't mind me spreading and sharing this rare and very hard to find gem. I've always had a fascination with early recordings of artists that have gone on to "stardom" because I figure these recordings shouldn't embarrass or come back to haunt the artist because if they are the real deal they should think of these recordings as a record of their growth and progression as a recording artist.

The material on the tape is fairly typical MLL, just her and her guitar, more like a demo than a polished finished product and features a few originals and some interesting covers. MLL covers probably one of the most recognizable songs from the past 20 years, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, which is interesting considering her connection and involvement with Kurt Cobain. Throw in some covers by Big Star, Dylan, Allman Brothers, Billy Bragg and Zeppelin and you have a sampling of some of the songs she must have performed busking in the subways and streets of Boston around this time. If you're a fan, this will be of interest, if not I have some Velvet Underground coming up next, stay tuned.

Real (1992)
  1. Andalucia (John Cale)
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
  3. Thirteen (Big Star)
  4. Not Necessarily The Bubonic Plague
  5. St. Swithens Day (Billy Bragg)
  6. Eternal Circle (Bob Dylan)
  7. Memories of You
  8. Can You Fool (Allman Brothers Band)
  9. Please Be With Me (Scott Boyer)
  10. Only Business (Rain Parade)
  11. Walkin’ On Air (Schulman)
  12. That’s The Way (Led Zeppelin)
  13. London Bridges
MARY LOU LORD- Real. rar


Discohoho Stu said...

Wow - I adore Mary Lou and I didn't know this existed. Thanks a bunch!

bob said...

ditto stu

Anonymous said...

If Cobain had married Lord (instead of you know who)I am convinced he would still be alive today. Seriously.

Mark said...

Absolutely terrific. Thanks for posting this - been searching for it for about 15 years!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff, thanks for posting!

I had her self-titled Kill Rock Stars CD back in the 90s, but I never had this tape.

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