Saturday, July 17, 2021

Juliana Hatfield- Live At Q Division Studios, June 2021: Beautiful Creature Album

For the 7th album livestream from Juliana Hatfield, she performs the Beautiful Creature album that was released in 2000. It's hard to believe it was 21 years ago and it's even crazier to realize she's been releasing solo records for almost 30 years! Beautiful Creature was a well received album with many favourable reviews and it was simultaneously released with the Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure. This was an ambitious project recording two polar opposite sounding albums, with TSF a much more grittier and loud, while BS was a more melodic and satisfying listen. It was a treat to hear the entire album in it's entirety, it's been a while since I've listened to it all at once and hearing it today it stands as one of her best. 
I bought the CD box-set with both albums together. Both signed as well!

This livestream performance might be her last in a while since she is planning to go on tour this summer (August/September) with Soul Asylum and Local H. The closest she'll be playing to where I live, is Minot, ND on 9/11, but as of now the U.S./Canada border is still closed, so I'm not making plans to buy tickets yet. Maybe she'll play some shows in Canada in the new year, but again I'm not holding my breathe and besides it would probably be Toronto. Hopefully some live recordings from the tour will surface.

The recording as usual, sounds great and her performance is worth watching. She still has some problems remembering songs, but that happens when digging into the deep tracks. During the extra (non-album) tracks there's a lot of guitar doodling and attempts at songs, so be patient. I'm away for a couple weeks, but in August we'll do the annual anniversary celebrations and I'll try to increase the amount of posts. I believe this will be the 15th anniversary of the Teenage Dogs In Trouble music blog! Stay tuned!

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Q Division Studios
Somerville, MA
Livestream- solo electric
June 19, 2021
Beautiful Creature album

01. Daniel
02. Close Your Eyes
03. Choose Drugs
04. Cool Rock Boy (Baby Bok Choy)
05. Don't Rush Me
06. Slow Motion
07. Might Be In Love
08. Somebody Is Waiting For Me
09. Until Tomorrow
10. The Easy Way Out
11. Hotels
12. When You Loved Me
13. Beautiful Creature (short excerpt)
14. Cry In The Dark

15. Lost Ship
16. Wonder Why
17. Candy Wrapper
18. If I Could
19. Chunks
20. <talk>

Tracks 01-12, 14 from the album, Beautiful Creature
Track 13- non-album track


Stefan said...

Thank you for uploading.
May be you have have this concert also?:
Juliana Hatfield - 2020-01-27 - Echoplex - Los Angeles - AUD

binky said...

Yes, I do! If you send me your email to I'll send you a link to my dropbox. (note: I'm going away tomorrow morning and I'll only have access to internet sporadically. In case you don't hear back from me right away.)

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