Monday, September 13, 2010

The Jam- Live At The El Mocambo

Another well-known band that has played at the El Mocambo Club in Toronto is The Jam. The difference between the Rolling Stones playing in a small club and The Jam playing to the same venue is that The Jam were still a relatively new band. The band was gaining popularity in England, but in North America they were still less known, so the smaller club was appropriate to their draw. Interesting enough, Elvis Costello recorded his classic bootleg live album (Live At The El Mocambo) here in the same month as The Jam. This time period in music with the rise of punk and new wave, must have been a great time to see live music.

Though the sound isn't high fidelity quality and it sounds a little rough at times, the energy of the band and the small crowd makes this a great show. Listen after the 3rd song when Paul Weller gets angry after beer is thrown at him, sweet!

El Mocambo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

February 21, 1978

01. The Modern World
02. London Traffic
03. I Need You
04. The Combine
05. Standards
06. London Girl
07. News Of The World
08. In The Street Today
09. Here Comes The Weekend
10. Sounds From The Street
11. Bricks And Mortar
12. All Around The World
13. In The City
14. In The Midnight Hour

THE JAM- Live At The El Mocambo. rar


Moderator said...

great upload, many thanks, love to see you post some more jam from your collection.never heard this concert before,many thanks

Unknown said...

Sorry , but The Jam weren't at the ElMo - they played two dates at the Colonial Tavern on Mar 21 & 22 , 1978. My friend Jerry was there and recorded the first
night (including the soundcheck).

Steve Payne said...

Colonial Tavern. Not the Elmo. You should get your facts straight. Btw the beer was thrown from the balcony overlooking the stage by Stephen Leckie, aka Nazi Dog, of the Biletones.

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