Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scruffy The Cat- High Octane Revival

Here's one more from Scruffy the Cat, their first EP release, High Octane Revival. Super catchy and rootsy, Scruffy rocks out a bit more on this 6-song EP that would make a great disc teamed up with their first full-length, Tiny Days. I'm not sure if this is available on CD or not, but no matter, download this and enjoy. You'll be hard pressed to find any album (or EP) that is this consistently good, all six songs are "must-hear", too bad the band's not together anymore. This is another band I would be thrilled to see reunite in some form or another.
...and yes, life is fun!!

High Octane Revival (1986)

01. 40 Days & 40 Nights
02. Land Of 1,000 Girls
03. Life Is Fun
04. Tiger Tiger
05. Buy A Car
06. Happiness To Go

SCRUFFY THE CAT- High Octane Revival. rar


Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorite bands. Thanks. Now to find the other EP "Boom Boom Boom Bingo". Any chance that's on your shelf???

binky said...

Yes, my vinyl version is on my shelf and I'll post the digital version very soon. Keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Bee-yoo-tiful. Thanks. Life is now all fun again.

Beason said...

Bee-yoo-tiful. Thanks. Life is now all fun again.

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