Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sign the Petition To Induct "The Riverton Rifle" Into The HHOF

The second installment of John K. Samson's series of 7" releases that explore streets and highways in his home province of Manitoba, will be available September 21st through Epitaph/Anti Records. His latest 3-song solo EP, Provincial Road 222 is named for the road that runs up the side of Lake Winnipeg and leads to the town of Riverton, Manitoba. If this town name sounds somewhat familiar, this is where Reggie "The Riverton Rifle" Leach hails from, a member of the Stanley Cup champion Philadelphia Flyers in the mid-70s. The second track on the disc, Petition, takes the form of a real on-line petition started by John to induct Leach into the Hockey Hall Of Fame.

Help get the "Rifle" into the Hall and sign the petition here.

I did my duty and I urge all you fans of "old-time" hockey to sign your name to the petition. You gotta love John's passion for hockey and I always admire someone that displays this passion in song (Elegy for Gump Worsley, for example). The residents of Riverton have been trying for years to get Leach into the Hall, so maybe this will open up some wider publicity. I'm all for grassroots campaign petitions, but when I think "grassroots" usually I think of a piece of paper clipped to a board instead of a computer...oh, the progress we've made!

...More music tomorrow!

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