Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scruffy The Cat- Tiny Days

Here's some more music you should hear, the first full-length LP from Boston's, Scruffy The Cat. In the mid-80s, there was a local public access program called, Alternative Rockstand. The show was cheesy and low-budget with it's glasses-wearing geeky host that occasionally interviewed bands, but basically he played alternative/punk music with weird graphics or the album cover floating around the screen while the host sat in a chair in studio. Despite it's crappy look, the show actually featured some pretty decent music and on one of the episodes he played, My Baby She's Allright from the Tiny Days album. A great catchy rockin' song that instantly got my attention and led me to my local record store to track down the album.

To this day, Tiny Days is one of my favourite albums and as a bonus I have an autographed record jacket of Tiny Days framed on my wall. I put this album and the Young Fresh Fellows, Topsy Turvy on a TDK SA90 tape and I swear it's my most played tape in my collection. In those days (before iPods or mp3 players), you had to duplicate your albums onto cassette so you can play them away from home (the turntable), in the car or on the Walkman. I saw Scruffy when they opened for 54-40 (Canadian band from Vancouver) back in 1987 or 88, I didn't give a shit about 54-40 as I only went to see Scruffy The Cat's way too short set. That amazing 30 or 40 minutes confirmed my love of Scruffy, a great live band that I wish I had the opportunity to see them play a headline set before they broke up.

Tiny Days (1987)

01. My Baby She's Allright
02. Shadow Boy
03. Upside Down
04. Time Never Forgets
05. Thomas Doubter
06. Never, Never
07. Hello Angel
08. Momma Killed Hate
09. When Your Ship Comes In
10. My Fate Was Sealed With a Kiss
11. Tiny Days

SCRUFFY THE CAT- Tiny Days. rar


Anonymous said...

A year or so before that 54-40 show, Scruffy played a headlining show at the Osborne Village Zoo. Good times...

Leon said...

Man, you and I are living parallel lives... I was so into Scruffy, Blake Babies, Jonathan Richman and others you have on your WONDERFUL blog here. I have all this stuff on vinyl from back in the day, so it's so nice to have it on iPod now. Thank you!!!

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