Monday, September 04, 2006

Cassie Says...!

In case you haven't heard yet, Cassie Campbell announced her retirement from the Canadian Woman's National Hockey team on Wednesday. So I don't bore you with the details, click here or my sister site for the full story. I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't a big deal, but for me who is a huge Hockey fan, as well as a follower of Woman's hockey, I have to admit to some sadness. Cassie appealed to me with her skill, speed, and toughness, but still maintained her femininity in the world of hockey. She definitely wasn't a butchy presence either, her cuteness and natural beauty prompted my band Zamboni Joe to use Cassie's likeness on gig posters and most famously a song about my favourite female hockey player!

The song "Cassie Says" was written in late 2002 around the time when teammate Hayley Wickenheiser went to Europe to play on a men's team. Recorded live at Salisbury House Restaurant in Headingley, MB (Winnipeg) last year, this remains as Zamboni Joe's last show. Hockey rock is Zamboni Joe's passion with numerous songs dedicated to this winter pastime and If you want to hear more ZJ, please leave a comment and I'll post more.

"Cassie Says"- Zamboni Joe (September 24, 2005 Headingley, MB)

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