Friday, September 15, 2006

The Good, The Bad And The...

One CD that has gotten a lot of play recently is the Bicycle's, "The Good, The Bad And the Cuddly" the debut album from this 5-piece band out of Toronto. They claim to pay homage to the likes of "the Monkees, Kinks, Brian Wilson and the Archies". I can hear a bit of that influence on different songs with a very grandiose sound that ranges from rockers to dreamy ballads. This album took a few listens to really appreciate the rich melodies and lush arrangements, but everytime I play this disc it has more to offer and puts a smile on my face. The Bicycles are well worth checking out.

"Gotta Get Out" - The Bicycles
"Longjohns And Toques" - The Bicycles

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