Monday, September 18, 2006

The Weakerthans - Live in Winnipeg

Whenever the Weakerthan's return home for a show it always puts a smile on my face. As far as I can remember, this show at the Burt (Burton Cummings Theatre) is probably the largest hometown crowd they have played in front of. The near capacity crowd of over 15oo fans were treated to a tight, yet relaxed set of new and older songs by the wonderful Weakerthans. I know they have a large (larger?) following state-side and sometimes I get the feeling they are unappreciated here at home, but the fact that the half an' hour encore accounted for a third of the overall show (100 minutes, 22 songs), proved that Winnipegger's couldn't get enough of John K. Samson and band. I'm not very good at writing reviews of concerts because I'm so in awe of seeing a great band live that sometimes I can't be very objective, it also is especially tough since I've been a huge follower of the band since the beginning. Check out the reviews in the local papers (Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Sun) to hear what the "experts" have to say, you'll see they must have written their reviews from the same notes.

I've posted a recording of the show at EZtorrent ( It sounds really good, recorded from the middle of the first balcony with clear and balanced sound. The torrent is a lossless FLAC file, so download the appropriate software if you can, If you're not a member of EZtorrent let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'd prefer not to post the MP3's for the entire show, but here are some songs from the concert, as a teaser. Enjoy!

Winnipeg September 16, 2006.
Audience recording-1st balcony

"Aside" - Weakerthans
"Utilities" ("new" song where John K. solos) - Weakerthans
"Diagnosis" - Weakerthans
"The Reasons" - Weakerthans


mark said...

Nooooo, I'm not a member of EZTorrent.

Harry Krishna said...

Is there a chance to download this recording????

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