Thursday, September 14, 2006

Little Pictures

John K. Samson is best known for his work with the Weakerthans, but back in the early 90's he was tearing it up as Propagandhi's bass player. During 1993/94 John made some solo recordings that were released by G7 as a split CD with Winnipeg band Painted Thin in 1995. These songs have been re-packaged as a solo John K. Samson mini-CD "Little Pictures" available since August 29th, 2006 through G7 Welcoming Committee.

Don't forget the Weakerthans show Saturday September 16th at the Burton Cummings Theatre, I think there is only tickets left in the 2nd balcony, so grab 'em quick. Hopefully I'll have a recording of the show and I'll post at least a couple of songs from the concert. Let me know in the comments section if you want the complete concert, I'll let you know how it sounds first.

"Farewell Faded Memory" (from "Little Pictures" recorded in 1993/94?) - John K. Samson
"Anchorless" (original 1996 version from "Less Talk, More Rock" shorter and punchier) - Propagandhi
"Uncorrected Proofs" (live early slow version 2-24-02 Winnipeg) - Weakerthans

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