Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Lemonheads CD and tour dates

After a 10 year hiatus, the new Lemonheads CD is scheduled for release September 26th and a fall tour supporting the CD kicks off November 18th in California. Evan Dando has assembled a totally different incarnation of the Lemonheads for this new disc, and he is helped out by Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez from All/Descendents, so the sound will be a faster, more melodic rock album. J. Mascis contributes a solo on "No Backbone" , a great song that is a hopefully a preview of good things on this new disc.
I'm actually looking forward to this new release, as I thought Evan's solo album, Baby I'm Bored was okay, but it wasn't very memorable and was...kinda boring. I have a couple of live recordings from the revamped Lemonheads last fall in London and New York and if the rockin' energy of those shows are any indication, this upcoming tour might be worth checking out.

Lemonheads "No Backbone"
Lemonheads "Alice Is Starting To Happen" (Bowery Ballroom NYC 12-16-05)

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